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Help EP CD - Signed

Help EP CD - Signed

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This CD is extremely exclusive and wasn't intended for my store. However, if you do come across it, please note that only a very limited number were made.

Essentially, this is my second EP, titled HELP. Although it was never officially released as an EP (since all the songs were initially released as singles), it was always meant to be an EP. Now, it's available only in physical format. To make it even more special, I've included two acoustic tracks on the CD.

The CD package includes a pull-out booklet with lyrics and pictures, and the CD itself features a really cool dead smiley graphic!

Overall, this is a super cool piece of merch!

Track Listing:

  1. Help
  2. Broken Youth
  3. I Hate Everything
  4. Reckless
  5. Therapy Acoustic (bonus track)
  6. Running Back To You (bonus track)
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